Reference Desk

Vermont On-Line Library
The Vermont Online Library (VOL) is a service from the Department of Libraries to provide free access to electronic information databases to all Vermonters. Because the McCullough Free Library is a member of VOL, these resources are available to you not only from your library, but from anywhere Internet access is available. Contact us for the password.

Library Spot
Library Spot brings together library and reference sites ranging from almanacs to dictionaries to zip code directories. Link to resources in medical or law libraries, read newspapers online. A very comprehensive reference site. All resources reviewed by the LibrarySpot editorial team.

National Geographic MapMachine
National Geographic’s online atlas lets you find nearly any place on earth. View by population, climate and much more. Street maps, topographic maps, recreation maps, antique maps, ecology and conservation maps.
Internet publisher provides online access to works of fiction, non-fiction, verse and reference works.