Library Community Gardens

Welcome to the McCullough Library’s Herb and Pollinator Plant Gardens!

McCullough Library Garden Project. Fridays, 9AM to 12PM Meet and assist volunteer gardeners from the UVM Extention Master Gardener Program maintain the herb and pollinator gardens surrounding the library. Herbs can be harvested at this time, too. Stay and help for as long as you'd like! Bring gloves and gardening tools, if you wish. ALL are welcome!
A Garden for all Senses. Enjoy the different shapes and colors of leaves and flowers. Pick several different leaves and compare the aromas. Take a bit home to add to your dinner. Enjoy. Take a little, leave a lot.
Photo of butterfly and bee pollinating echinacea flower
A spangled fritillary butterfly, a honeybee, and a hummingbird moth all did what pollinators do best in the library’s gardens in July.