Green Mountain Book Award Nominees

Graphic of an open book, a mountain with two pine trees sitting in it, and the words "Green Mountain Book Award" in a semi-circle around the edge

The Green Mountain Book Award (GMBA), initiated in 2005, is a reader’s choice award for Vermont students in grades 9 – 12. The program is intended to encourage high schoolers to become enthusiastic and discriminating readers. Titles in our collection are in italics.


Author Title
Alsaid, Adi
Before Takeoff
Blum, Isaac
The Life and Crimes
of Hoodie Rosen
Capetta, A.R.
Tasting Light
Gao, Laura
Messy Roots
Graziadei, A.L.
Hammonds, Jas
We Deserve Monuments
Hur, June
The Red Palace
Jackson, Tiffany
The Weight of Blood
Zoulfa Katouh As Long as the Lemon
Trees Grow
La Sala, Ryan
The Honeys
McCarthy, Cory
Man o’ War
Reilly, K.J.
Four for the Road
Stirling, Danie
Tahir, Sabaa
All My Rage
Thomas, Aiden
The Sunbearer Trials