Audiobooks and eBooks

We are pleased to offer two options to download audiobooks. Together there are over 6,000 titles available.   You will need a 4-digit login for Listen Up! Vermont, and a 14-digit login for OneClick, which you can get at the front desk. Both Listen Up! Vermont and OneClick require you to download a program to your computer. See the links in "Getting Started" below for more information.   If you need additional assistance click the link on chart below under "Help". Each site also has videos that walk you through using their product. We strongly suggest you review the video and/or help section before starting a download. It only takes a few minutes and can save you a lot of time!   listenupvermontOneClick  

Features of each product

Listen Up! Vermont One-Click Digital Other Information
Getting Started Click Me! Click Me! Please walk through the instructions on the website(s) before using either product.
Items Available Audiobooks & E-Books Audiobooks
Software Used Windows: OverDrive Console for Windows and Windows Media Player, iTunes (if Apple device used).Mac: OverDrive Console for Mac and iTunes Software also available: iPod, iPhone, Android & Blackberry Media Center for Windows, Windows Media Player V11, iTunes (if Apple device used).Media Center for Mac computers must have Mac OS X 10.6.6.Apps available for iPad, iPhone, Droid devices, and Kindle Fire
Plays on? CD, MP3, WMA players. MP3, WMA players Varies by title. Check title to verify that it will work on your computer (PC/Mac) AND on your media player (lists of approved media players on websites).
Availability Some titles always available. Hold lists used. All titles always available. When a title on Listen Up! Vermont becomes available an email will be sent to you. The title must be checked out within 3 days.
Check out period 7 or 14 days. No renewal allowed, but can be checked back out if no one is waiting. Items can be returned early. 21 days, renewals allowed
Expiration Audio will not expire on CD once they are transferred. They will expire on the computer. Will expire on computer and player when loan period is through. Some titles can be returned early.
Concurrent checkouts 3 10
iPod Compatible? All are compatible when used with the OverDrive Console version 3.2 or newer on a PC.  All titles are iPod compatible. iTunes v10 or newer must be installed to use either option.
Help! Click here for help Click here for help