Train of Thought submissions

July 2022: Tell us about your best/weirdest/funniest-ever day at the beach.

Photo of submission. Text in young child's handwriting reads "I wold go to the water pake cause spechly slectid to go down the water slide. I love the big pool is becase I love to jump in! I like the play ground cause its so fun! And endid with the big gerrn swing. By Cora"
Cora, age 6

September 2022: You get up in the middle of the night for a drink of water. When you open the door, you step into another world…

Click here for Tate M.’s submission to our September prompt. We hope there will be a sequel.

July 2023 choices: Firework; Free; Underwater

Click here for David K’s submission about the American flag